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Spanish Horses

Working on my next project in time for the upcoming craft fairs currently in Spain photographing horses. Originally planned to go to Jerez on Sunday and Monday to go to the world famous horse festival but due to a problem with advertising I had a lovely 5 hour drive and no horses. As it turned out there was a horse show in my home town of Mijas. Funnily enough run by the same people due to be in Jerez! So after talking to them and seeing their show I was able to get a taste of what is to come in Jerez and got some practice shots in. So I'm off to Jerez on Thursday. Let's hope for the best and I will update you with the latest photographs.

Update: 15/05/2014

Jerez was better than imagined! In true Spanish fashion there was a two hour delay before the horse show started but it was well worth the wait. From start to finish, horse and rider demonstrated extraordinary skill. The eqine school of Carmelo Cuervas put on the most extraordinary show of horsemanship and flamenco.

From a photographers point of view it did have its challenges. Being inside a marquee meant lowlight conditions and the current sand storm meant I was not changing my lens! Thankfully the versatility of the 100-400mm lens allowed me to make the most of the event. I positioned myself on the edge of the seating area, front row as not to get heads in the way and be at a good eye level to the horses. I decided on the edge instead of the middle as there was a lovely ray of light coming through on my left and most of my photographs were taken when the horse walked through it. Had I been in the middle I would have had heads in the way. One of the advantages of arriving early and scouting out the area!

I focused more on the horse and its movements rather than the rider. I felt this allowed me to bring out the horses elegance and grace.

After the show and the standing ovation they were given it was time to photograph the feria! I have never seen it so busy! Horses everywhere dressed in their best. Carriages of two, four and six horses taking spectators around the feria ground, men sat on their horses at their favourite drinking pool enjoy sherry and tapas brought out to them whilst sat on their horses and some of the most spectacular horses parading up and down the streets. The beauty of the feria is that everybody parades up and down the streets several times so if there is a horse that has caught your eye you have more than one opportunity to photograph it.

If you want to see the photos taken go to the gallery and click on Horses. More importantly if you would like to photograph the Feria de Jerez don't hesitate to contact me. Workshops and tours will include the Feria de Jerez.

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